Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pictures of Don Schockling & Gang from Baker Trick

I am posting pictures of my Dad (Don Schockling) from 1953 when he was in Bremerhaven, Germany.

Harry Portz, Don Schockling, and Strop showing off their crew cuts.

Harry Portz, Don Schockling, and Strop at Kilmer, New Jersey.

Harry Portz and Spike on our trip back from Marken Island, Holland. August 1953.

"The Rough House Gang" Don Schockling, Ransome, Portz, Strop and Casper. May 1953 on the USS Patch.

Harry Portz & Don Schockling at a Baker Trick Football game Sept. 1953.

Harry Portz & Donald Schockling in front of the Queens Palace in Amsterdam. We are standing in the courtyard. Spike took the picture. August 1953.

Gerald Shields, Harry Portz and Bucky Ransom on Hafen Straffen.

Gerald Shield and Don Schockling. This was one of the brighter days in Bremerhaven.

Spike and Harry Portz in the courtyard of the Palace at Amsterdam

left to right: Chuck, Rodger, Dick, Don, Terry, Finley, Frazier Christmas 1953